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Yacht Charters for an Intimate Wedding

One of the most memorable events in any adult's life is their wedding day. It's the beginning of a new adventure and the celebration of love. So, why not pair this event with an unforgettable experience on a luxury yacht charter?

After all, with 2.3 million couples getting married annually in the US, finding some new wedding ideas can really make you stand out.

Before selecting one of the many luxury yacht charters in the Destin and Choctawhatchee Bay regions. Make sure to review the following:

  • Safety record

  • Fleet of yachts

  • Extras

  • Client reviews

If you aren't convinced about hosting an intimate wedding on a luxury yacht, here are some points to persuade you.

It's Unique and Memorable

Chartering a luxury yacht for a sunset cruise means the perfect romantic background setting.

This backdrop will be fantastic for your ceremony and the guest's social media feed.

Nothing says "special occasion" than the sun setting over the Gulf.

Real Intimacy

Keeping the guest list to a minimum is always a challenge, but when you're planning on hosting a wedding on a luxury yacht, it's much easier.

No one will be offended when you have to make some tough calls about who you want to be at the wedding. Also, hosting large weddings can be very stressful.

Being able to control the guest list will assist with easing some tensions.

Less Stress

With the best charter yachts, you are required to do absolutely nothing. The same is true if you're booking a luxury yacht for a wedding.

They can facilitate meal prep, DJ, and even the marriage officer by calling up the charter.

If you were considering the trip home from the yacht charter, you can book a premium Van Shuttle Service.

Additionally, if you want a private ceremony for family only and then attend a larger reception with friends, this Van Shuttle Service can be a lifesaver.

Minimizing Costs

The average amount of money spent on a traditional American wedding is estimated at $22,000.

This is a small fortune, and in the current economic climate, you will want to save some capital for the future.

That being said, you want your wedding to be unique, but still on a budget.

Amazingly, yacht charters come in way below the average wedding budget. This means you can have your wedding cake and eat it too, but on a beautiful yacht that people will talk about for years!

Mobile Wedding Venue

Nothing is worse than arriving on your wedding day to discover that the venue is plagued by poor weather.

With a luxury yacht wedding, the skipper can charter a course for a venue that is best for the occasion.

If the weather is terrible, we will call to advise an alternative date and time. As a yacht chartering company with decades of experience, we know what the weather is doing.

So, let's talk about booking that luxury yacht for your special day.

Luxury Yacht Charters Make the Best Wedding Day

We believe that luxury yacht charters will make any wedding day more special 100% of the time.

If you have any questions about chartering a luxury yacht, feel free to contact us.

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