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30a Yacht Charters

The Panhandle's Premier Luxury Boating Experiences

Yacht Charters, Fishing Charters, Luxury Pontoons, Sailboats

Yacht Charters, Deep Sea Fishing Charters, Inshore Fishing Charters, Sailboat Charters, Luxury Pontoon Rentals, and Duffy Boats.

Welcome to 30a Yacht Charter.  Whether you are looking for an Executive Yacht Charter, Deep Sea Fishing Charter Experience, luxury pontoon rental, or just want to cruise the Destin Harbor in a tour boat, 30a Yacht Charters offers executive experiences for your Family, Corporate Gathering, Bachelorette Party, or just time with friends. 

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Our Yachts

30a Yacht Charters offers 65-75 foot Luxury Yacht Charters. 

Great For






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Fishing Charters

30a Yacht Charters also offers both Deep Sea and Inshore Fishing Charter experiences on a   beautiful 47 foot Buddy Davis Yacht with air conditioned cabin, or enjoy an inshore fishing charter on a 2023 center console.  

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Destin Water Trolley

Enjoy 2-6 Hour cruises in the Destin Harbor in this fabulous water taxi.   Great for parties of up to 8 guests.   Cruises start at $150.00 per hour

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Luxury Pontoon Rentals

30a Pontoon Rental offers Luxury 28 foot 150 hp tritoons and Double Decker tritoons with water slides.    Visit

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Corporate Trips

Award your employees with a job well done with a 4hr, 8 hr, or custom Yacht Charter.


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Bachelorette Parties

There is nothing quite like having the girls out for a day on the water in a luxury yacht charter in the Destin / Florida Panhandle area.

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Wedding Proposals

Marriage is forever.  Make it start with the proposal of a lifetime to your PRINCESS on our Beautiful 65 foot PRINCESS Yacht charter.

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Girls Getaways

Need some time with Friends?  A girls getaway on a yacht charter is exactly what you need. 

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Fun With Friends

Your friends ever talk about doing something fabulous?  Well, a 30a Yacht Charter is the perfect fit.

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Romantic Getaways

Sometimes you just need to spend time away from the kids and celebrate your marriage on a beautiful Yacht Charter.

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Dolphin Cruises

Although the Yacht Charters are not official Dolphin Cruises, you will see a plethora of dolphins swimming around or even under the boat.  Seeing Dolphins never gets old.

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30a Rental Company in Santa Rosa Beach offers Premier Luxury Tritoons, Double Decker Tritoons with Water Slides, 4 Passenger Gas Powered Beach Buggies, Polaris Slingshot Rentals, Vanderhall Rentals, and Executive Yacht Experiences. 

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PHONE: 850.220.6400

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30a Rental Company owns multiple businesses and has multiple office locations.   Call the office that best meets your needs. 
Pickup locations are by appointment only


30a Yacht Charter

48 Pine Tree Way

Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459 US

(850) 655-8670


1. WHERE is 30a Pontoon Rental and 30a Yacht Charters located?

-30a Pontoon Rental and 30a Yacht Charters is located in the Florida panhandle.  We service both the Destin area and the 30a area.   

-PONTOON RENTALS 30a- We have luxury pontoon boats and double decker pontoon rental boats in the Santa Rosa Beach area just minutes from Rosemary Beach, Seaside, Grayton Beach, Alys Beach, Seagrove Beach, Seacrest, Sandestin, or Miramar Beach.   Instead of driving all the way to Destin and spending an hour or more on the road, you can be at our dock in 15-20 minutes or less.  Plus, our 30a Pontoon Rental option gives you 6 hours on the water instead of 4.   

-PONTOON RENTALS DESTIN- We realize our clients in the Destin, Ft. Walton, Navarre area want a luxury pontoon rental boat and are willing to do whatever they can to enjoy time out on the water with us.  As of 2023, 30a Pontoon Rental will offer a luxury pontoon rental in the Destin Harbor.   

-YACHT CHARTERS- Due to the size of our boats, there is no location in the 30a area to pick up a luxury yacht charter.  As a result, our yacht charters are in the Destin Harbor.   

-FISHING CHARTERS- Our deep sea fishing charters area also in the Destin Harbor just minutes from Miramar Beach, Ft. Walton, Navarre, etc. 

-WATER TROLLEY- The water trolley is also located in Destin.   The magic of the Destin Water trolley is cruising around the Destin Harbor, Crab Island, etc. 

2. WEATHER- What happens if there is foul weather, rain, etc?

The weather in the Florida Panhandle, in particular Destin and 30a has very unique weather patterns.  Storms can last all day or 10-15 minutes.   They also can come or go at a moments notice.  In many cases, the weather channel can't predict these weather patterns.   We only cancel boat rentals and yacht charters if it's a large storm lasting most of the day.   Even then we wait until the morning of to notify guests.   If there is going to be significant weather that prohibits an enjoyable time on the water, then we will reschedule your trip or cancel and refund your money.  However, this is the decision of the 30a Pontoon Rental and 30a Yacht Charter staff.  This decision will also be made 2 hours prior to your trip.   WE DO NOT CANCEL FOR COLD WEATHER- If you book a boat in the Spring, Fall or Winter, and the weather turns cold, we do not cancel.  If you choose to cancel you will lose full amount of rental.  


This is a loaded question.  It all depends if you are on a Yacht Charter, Fishing Charter, or a Pontoon Rental.  It also depends on what type of event you are participating in.

Here are examples of what to bring based on your trip.

PONTOON RENTALS- If you are renting a pontoon on a typical spring ,summer or fall day wear or bring your swim suit, a dry towel, food, sodas and water, water toys, etc.   30a Pontoon Rental offers a few water toys with the boat.  Make sure nothing is light where it might blow away.   We also recommend sunblock, hats, sunglasses, and even a light water proofed long sleeve shirt.   The sun can be intense and it's better to be prepared.

YACHT CHARTERS- A yacht charter can be as casual as pontoon rental, or you can dress it up and have a more formal gathering.   Some folks don't want to get in the water and just want to wear casual dress.   A Yacht Charter experience in the Destin / 30a can be as formal as you want it to be or as casual as you'd like.

FISHING CHARTER- Fishing isn't necessarily messy, but it's also not a formal gathering.   Dress would be similar to a pontoon rental except be prepared for harsh sun.  Long sleeve moisture wicked shirts is ideal.  When you are on a fishing charter in the Destin / Florida Panhandle waters you are dealing with direct sunlight, very little shade, and heavy reflection off the water.   We also recommend sunglasses and a large fishing style that has a wide brim to keep the sun off your face, shoulders, etc.   Definitely bring sunblock. 

WATER TROLLEY- This is probably similar to a dress for a Yacht Charter or a Pontoon Rental.  Guests can be as casual as you want or as formal as you want depending on the nature of your party.


YACHT CHARTERS- Due to the nature of Yacht Charters, we only have one boat per day.  This makes it challenging for us to cancel late notice.  Most yacht charter bookings happen 30 days to 6 months in advance.   When we have a cancellation, we risk losing another possible guests.   Guests can cancel a yacht charter 30 days in advance.  However, 30 days or less prior to the event, guests loose the full amount of the booking.   We do not cancel for COVID or any other illness.  If there is a medical emergency, accident, death etc, we encourage renters to get renters insurance.  SICKNESS OR DEATH- We do not cancel and refund for sickness or death.  This includes COVID-   We encourage travel insurance.  

FISHING CHARTERS- Same as Yacht Charters

PONTOON RENTALS and DESTIN TROLLEY- Our pontoon rentals typically book 1 week to 30 days out.  We give our clients 72 hours to notify us if they need to cancel.  Anything after this 72 hours there is no refund.   We do not cancel for COVID or any other illness.  If there is a medical emergency, accident, death etc, we encourage renters to get renters insurance. 

4. CAPTAIN POLICY-What is 30a Pontoon Rental and 30a Yacht Charters Captain policy?
The United States Coast Guard is very strict about Coast Guard rules and regulations.  The US COAST guard requires us to provide you a list of Captains.  You choose from that list.   Our captains do not work for us.  They are hired by the party.  As a result, the party is responsible for paying them separately.   The captain's can be paid the day of via cash or venmo.   We are not allowed to be involved in that transaction.   Also, although some of our drivers are certified Captains and others are highly skilled at operating all of our vessels, they are considered DESIGNATED MASTERS.    We operate under a BAREBOAT CHARTER policy.   

A bareboat charter is defined as ... A bareboat charter or demise charter is an arrangement for the chartering or hiring of a ship or boat, whereby no crew or provisions are included as part of the agreement; instead, the people who rent the vessel from the owner are responsible for taking care of such things.


This is a loaded question.   Every situation is uniquely different.   We'll explain based on each boat.

PONTOON RENTALS 30a- 30a Pontoon Rental is located about 22 miles by pontoon rental boat from the 30a area to Destin / Crab Island.   Some days the water is perfectly smooth and it's a very pleasant ride.  Other days the water can be a little rough.   We've had people with new born babies on boats, but we would suggest picking up a pontoon rental boat in Destin as to avoid potential rough waters.   Anything 6 months older is fine, but we suggest babies under 6 months be in Destin or do a Yacht Charter.

PONTOON RENTALS DESTIN- Due to the fact the pontoon rentals in Destin don't travel far, it's fine for any age child to be on a boat with their family.  We strongly suggest staying under the shaded area and heavily protect the child from the intense sun.   

YACHT CHARTERS- Any age child is welcome in the yacht.  Its' a home on the water.  So, there are plenty of places for a small child to be safe.  We encourage families to not take any child under 7 years old on the bow of the boat.  Ideally children 7 and under should stay on the back deck, top deck, or inside.  

FISHING CHARTERS- These charters are deep sea fishing charters.  We don't recommend children under 13 years of age.   A 6 hour fishing charter in the Destin area is a long time to spend on open seas.  Water can be rough and children can get uncomfortable.

WATER TROLLEY- The water trolley is a slower moving boat with a fully shaded area.   However, when you are on the Destin Water trolley sun still comes in from the sides and reflects off the water.  Any age child can be comfortable, we just ask parents to keep the children from the direct sunlight.


PONTOON RENTALS- One of the advantages of a pontoon rental in the panhandle in the Destin or Crab Island area is the ability to go a variety of places.  The pontoon rental boat is small enough to go anywhere but large enough to go in the center of the bay.   Pontoon Rental boats are not allowed in the gulf of Mexico.    Some of the fun places to visit are Crab Island, AJ's Restaurant (in the Miramar Beach area), The Destin Harbor, Holiday Isle, etc.   In the Destin Harbor there are tons of places to eat, shop, walk around, etc.   The Bay is also full of fabulous bayou's where you can enjoy cruises in the pontoon rental boats.  in this Bayou's you can see some of the most beautiful homes in the Destin, 30a, Miramar Beach area.

YACHT CHARTERS- A Yacht Charter in the 30a area or Destin area is a little more limited than pontoon rentals, but at the same time you can enjoy a few different unique atmospheres.   On a Yacht charter in Destin you will get to see what Destin or the panhandle look from the water looking north.   It's a totally different viewing experience.  Plus, you can still enjoy the Destin Harbor, Crab Island, and a cruise through the intercoastal.  

FISHING CHARTERS- Fishing charters in Destin don't allow much touring.  You simply get to go out further in the water where you will experience more wildlife.  

DESTIN WATER TROLLEY- The Destin water trolley is designed to enjoy relaxing in the Destin Harbor or Crab Island.   It's not as fast at the pontoon, but allows you to get a feel of all the Destin Harbor has to offer including Holiday Isle. 


So, all this talk of Crab Island, what is Crab Island anyway?  Crab Island is actually a sandbar that's approximately 2-4 feet deep.   The water is crystal clear and the floor is white sands.   The water is as beautiful as waters you would find in Costa Rica, The Bahamas, etc.   100's of boat drop anchor for the day and relax.   People throw footballs, hang out on floats, play water corn hole, slide down water slides on our fabulous double decker pontoons, etc.    

A few things about Crab Island that you may find helpful..

a. SHOULD I DO A PONTOON RENTAL, YACHT CHARTER, or WATER TROLLEY?- We recommend a pontoon rental, in particular a double decker pontoon rental with water slide for Crab Island.  It's the only boat we offer that allows you to be in the center of Crab Island where all the action is.  Plus, our Double Decker pontoon rentals have water slides making your adventure even more fun.   Our Yacht Charters are so big, it's very difficult to get close to the action.


b. IS THE WATER ALWAYS CLEAR?- There are times when a storm blows through the night before or winds are high.  This can cause the water to be cloudy or a little green.   

c. IS IT SAFE FOR KIDS?- Crab Island is a little like a restaurant that at night turns into a bar.   In the early mornings Crab Island is safe and fun for all ages.  However, as more boats travel out to Crab Island and more people begin drinking, it's not as safe.  Plus, after 3:00-4:00 p.m. the current changes and can be very strong.  We recommend families rent boats for Crab Island before 10:00 a.m. and return by 4:00 p.m.

d. IS THERE FOOD AT CRAB ISLAND- Yes, there is Ice Cream, boiled peanuts, hamburgers, etc.   However, the food is expensive.  We suggest bringing food and drinks before you arrive. 

e. IS ALCOHOL SERVED AT CRAB ISLAND- You can bring your own alcohol, but there is no place to buy it at Crab Island. 


Depending on what experience you book, the boats have a variety of options.   

30a Yacht Charters- All of our Yacht Charters come with unlimited sodas and water.   We also have a super fun 18 X 6 floating pad where you can roll out and relax on the water.   in addition, the Yacht Charters come with a 100 watt Karaoke system, flat screen tv's, etc.   Depending on which charter you book, we offer custom catered food packages with our 65 foot Luxury Yacht.

30a Pontoon Rental- 30a Pontoon Rental offers a variety of fun options for boating with us.  They are the following

-18 X 6 floating pads

-Yolo Boards


-100 Watt Karaoke Systems

-Tubes (only for single decker boats)

FISHING CHARTERS- The boat will come equipped with unlimited sodas and water.  Guests are required to bring their own food or alcohol. 

WATER TROLLEY- The water trolley doesn't come with any options due to the room available on the boat. 


Ponto Rentals 30a- The U.S. Coast Guard requires all renters to be born on or before January 1988 to rent a pontoon rental boat.  If not, they are required to take an online boating class.   Our policy is the client must be 30 years old or over with a boating certificate or must follow the regular U. S. Coastguard pontoon rental guidelines.   However, if you get a captain, you can be 25 and older.  in all cases, you must have a valid United States drivers license. 

YACHT CHARTERS- If you want to charter a yacht, you must be 25 years or older and have a valid drivers license. 

FISHING CHARTERS- We require all guests to be 25 years of age and older and have a valid drivers license.

WATER TROLLEY- We require all guests to be 25 years of age and older and have a valid drivers license.   The trolley is a captained vessel. 


YACHT CHARTERS- 30a Yacht Charter can have up to 12 total guests on our yacht charters plus the crew.  The United States Coast guard includes children all ages as a guests.  So, 12 passengers max.   The Captain and Crew are additional to this number.   SO, you may have 12 passengers and 3-4 crew on each boat. 

PONTOON RENTALS- 30a Pontoon Rental abides by United States Coast rules.  The U.S. Coastguard allows us to have 12 guests max plus a captain.  All children are included in that 12 passenger.  For example; 11 adults and 1 infant is 12 total guests.  There are no exceptions. 

FISHING CHARTERS- Due to the nature of this fishing charter boat and the Captain's licensing, our maximum capacity is 6 passengers.   However, we may have 2-3 crew members.  So, we can have up to a total of 6 passengers and 2-3 crew members. 

WATER TROLLEY- The Water trolley is not a huge boat.   The max capacity is 8 passengers including children.  The Captain is not included in the 8 passengers.  He or she will be the 9th person.  


YACHT CHARTERS- Our yacht charter gratuities are typically 15% of the total charge.  This gets divided by the crew you have on the boat.  

PONTOON RENTALS- Our pontoon rentals average around 10-15% tip on top of total expenses if there is a captain and 7-10% for deckhands.  Let me explain...

CAPTAINED CHARTERS- If a boat has a captained charter, the captain drives the boat, but the deckhand is there to set the boat up, haul the boat, and clean the boat after.  So, we ask that clients separate their total tip between the Captain and Deckhand.  The Captain gets about 80% of the tip and the deckhand gets the remaining 20% on average. 

DECKHANDS- The deckhand is there to set your boat up, haul your boat, clean it, gas it, etc.   Deckhands typically average $40.00-$150 a boat tip.  


FISHING CHARTERS- Fishing charter crew average around 15% gratuity on top of total expense of trip.

WATER TROLLEY-  Water Trolley gratuity is around 15% of the total cost of the trip.   


Yacht Charters- With our Yacht Charters you pay for the boat when you book it, then you pay for the captain and crew the day of your event.   United States Coast Guard Rules require our Captains to be independent contractors paid by the yacht charter party.  

Pontoon Rentals- When you book a pontoon rental boat, you pay for the boat the day you book.   If you choose to get a captain for your pontoon rental, you will pay for the captain the day of your event.  

Fishing Charters- A fishing charter is identical to the Yacht Charter.  You will pay to book the boat the day you reserve the boat,  but will pay the Captain and crew directly the day of the event.

Water Trolley- Guest will pay the full amount the day the boat is reserved and the captain fee the day of the event. 


WANT A YACHT OR PONTOON RENTAL?   Anna Maria Island Pontoon Rental and Bradenton Beach Pontoon Rental offer luxury 150 and 200 hp tritoons as well as double decker tritoons with slides.   Plus, yachts, fishing charters, and powerboats. 


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