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What to Plan for a day on a Yacht

The yacht life in Destin is alive and thriving! Everywhere you go, there are sleek yachts cutting their way through the waters, looking majestic! It really makes you want to get out on one. Luckily, with several luxury yacht charters in the area, like 30A Yacht Charters, you can do just that! Spend the day in style, cruising around the area while the crew navigates the boat for you! But first, don’t forget a few essentials to make the day even better.

Sun Protection

While most yachts have plenty of covered and enclosed areas, the draw to bask in the sun on one of the desks will most likely win out. Florida is notorious for its intense UV’s and to the unprepared boater, you will regret not planning ahead. Plan to bring sunscreen, sun glasses, and perhaps even a sunshirt. One bad sunburn will ensure you never leave your skin unprotected!


Suit up! Whether you’re going to just bask in the warm rays or actually jump in, pack a suit!


Pack deck shoes!!! Or boat shoes, or flip flops…. The deck is a hard flat surface that will heat up under the sun. Protect your feet from burning with a comfortable, practical pair of shoes.

Cute Outfit

When your on a yacht, you’re gonna want a few polished pictures! Pack a sun dress, button-up, etc for some classy snapshots!

Camera Gear

Bring a polaroid, tripod, gopro… whatever you want to document your trip! Yachts make the perfect backdrop for pictures; take advantage of it!

Wind Breaker

Built on powerful engines, yachts can get going pretty fast and create a strong artificial wind. Especially if wet and getting the sunburnt chills, a wind breaker will feel amazing if you’re not quite ready to go inside the cabin, but also not enjoying the breeze.

A Good Book

There’s nothing better than lounging in the sun with a good book and and even better view! Pack your current literary obsession for an elevated reading experience!


Nope! Don’t worry about lunch, snacks, sodas, or water when your onboard a 30A Yacht Charter boat. We provide all of that for you, including a charcuterie board!

You really don’t have to plan much when you book with 30A Ycht Charters. We try to provide you the most seamless, planned out day possible so you can just show up and have an awesome day! Check us out when you are in the Destin, or 30A, area! You can find us online at or give us a call at (850) 220-6400! We also offer luxury pontoon rentals at !

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