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Fishing 30A

Nicknamed the "world's luckiest fishing village", Destin, Florida draws thousands of eager fishermen to its Emerald Coast. Each day, hundreds of fishing charters ferry beginner and expert fisherman alike out into the surrounding water, eager to feel the whirring vibration of fishing line being stripped out to sea by an underwater trophy. Friends, with camera in hand, wait to document the spray of water and document the catch of a life time.

Destin, Miramar Beach, Grayton Beach, and the rest of the 30A strip is home to thousands of various species of fish ranging from the ever so colorful mahi-mahi to predators like bull sharks. Destin is also home to several catches that broke pre-existing records. For example, a 2018 bluefin tuna caught off the coast was an astounding 826 lbs. Meanwhile, a 46lb snapper, a staple Florida fish, broke state records.

When it comes to the best fish to eat after your fishing charter, you have a plethora of options with the most popular being the red snapper. This ocean floor fish is a great catch for both beginners and experts and weight around 25lbs. The snappers ocean floor companion, the grouper, gets significantly larger, and make for an exciting fight. However, if fishing these, be sure you now the state and federal rules as both snappers and groupers are maintained under strict regulations to ensure the future of their species.

Another Emerald Coast fishing charter classic is none other than the mahi-mahi. Known for it's distinct visuals, this stunning fish is also absolutely delicious to eat. Thought they require an 8-10 hour trip to catch, these dazzling fish make for one memorable catch. Other, less attractive, catches that you can eat include the cobia and the amberjack.

Fishing charters are an awesome way to add a day of adventure and thrill during your 30A vacation. But you don't even need to head out to the deep sea with a captain for fishing success. Aboard a pontoon armed with a fishing rod and a casting net, there are several smaller species of fish everywhere that make for a great catch and release experience. So if your budget doesn't allow for a charter, you still have options.

Whether you book a charter or rent a pontoon and grab a fishing pole, make sure you know the rules and regulations before you cast, as well as provide a through safety plan. A vacation is only as fun as it is safe, and we value your safety above else. Get out there and have a fun and safe summer!

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