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Crab Island Rules & Etiquette

Everyone who spends a day at Crab Island wants the best time possible! Luckily, if everyone is willing to be considerate of those around them and follow a few easy rules, everyone will have a time to remember!


- Watch out for other peoples anchors! Anchors are sharp and can really hurt barefoot feet!

- Rent a boat - there is no safe way to get to Crab Island except on a boat. Check out for a large selection of available rentals.

- For everyone and nature's sake, leave your glass at home. You don't want to worry about picking up all the broken bits if an accident happens, and glass lasts forever so missed pieces will be a threat to future boaters and animals alike.

- Crab Island is a super fun scene for a day of drinking with friends and family. However, please drink responsibly! Make sure you have a Designated Driver who is capable of driving everyone back safely. Also be sure to hydrate with water in between brews to avoid sickness.

- Idle Only! Crab Island is an idle only zone and it is imperative that you abide by this rule. Law enforcement regularly tickets boats that are going to fast. Speed puts everyone in danger.

- Beware crossing anchor lines. You don't want to get tangled up with another boat.

- Once you reach the edge of the sandbar, have someone on your boat jump out and drag the boat to you desired spot. This way you can turn off your engine and carefully navigate to the spot you want.

- If you have kids on board and choose to park next to a boat that was there before you, be aware that if you don't like their music or conversation, it is your responsibility to ignore it or move elsewhere. However, if you were there first, it is within your right to ask for obscene music to be turned down.

If you are the boat with edgy music, avoid parking next to families. There will be plenty of other boats that will enjoy your tunes and partying... you and everyone else will have a much better time if you park next to similar boats.


- Never dive off your boat! Crab Island is shallow. At no point along the sandbar is it deep enough to dive in safely.

- Do not swim off the sandbar. Everywhere that the water is the cheerful aquamarine is perfectly safe; however the deeper, darker waters at the edge of the Island get very deep, very fast. Very strong and dangerous currents will pull you away from safety and you risk drowning.

- Do not create a hostile environment. If you don't like the boat you are parked next to... move. It's not worth trying to "correct" the other boat. Most people will be drinking and it is better just to move to a different spot.

- Do not fish around people. While you are allowed to have fishing equipment and toss a line in, use basic intelligence and put the poles away if it gets super crowded. It's not worth being responsible for someone getting hooked.

- Do not leave any trash behind. Everything you bring must go back with you. Don't spoil our beautiful waters.

Following these super simple guidelines guarantees that everyone will have a good time. Everyone deserves to have an awesome time on their vacation, and if each individual does their part, everyone will!

For all you boating needs, check out and

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