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Rosemary Beach, Florida

Nestled among the various beach towns along 30A is a truly hidden gem of coastal beauty. Scattered with charming architecture and humming with community, Rosemary Beach is stunning town, marked by the notable lack of skyscrapers, condos, and the other blaring signs of tourism. Rosemary Beach is the perfect seaside escape.

Named one of "America's Most Romantic Small Towns", Rosemary Beach was founded in 1995 by Patrick Bienvue. Bienvue wanted to create and design a town the reflected the principles of New Urbanism and Traditional Neighborhood Development. He wanted to create an environment that encouraged community, neighborhood, and convenience.

Walking down the brick sidewalks, it's easy to observe Bienvue achieved just that. Cobblestone streets wind through beautiful villas and cottages. All living spaces look like they were transported out of a fairy tale. Time feels to move at a slower pace among the arbors and gardens.

Rosemary Beach encourages a tight-knit living and vacationing community. From open outdoor spaces for lawn performances to gourmet eating places, individuals have so many options for how to enjoy the town. Boutiques, spas, golf courses, and so much more provide entertaining options. And not far away are crystal clear waters with sugary white sands!

Because of how beautiful the entire town of Rosemary Beach is, it's no wonder that it is a popular wedding destination. The Town Hall, Eastern Green, the beach itself, or one of the many architecturally divers fountains make for stunning backdrops to heartfelt vows. It's no wonder that Rosemary Beach Weddings have been featured in Southern Weddings!

Rosemary Beach needs to be a stop on your 30A Vacation To Do list. Take a break from the busy tourist hubs and get lost among the beautiful cottages and enjoy time slowing down as you take in the crystal sands, and beautiful sights!

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