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5 Benefits of Saltwater

Everyone vacationing along Miramar, Grayton, Santa Rosa, or Destin Beach is drawn in by the soft white sand and gorgeous waters. Who wouldn't want to spend their afternoon laying in the sand, enjoying a fruity cocktail, cruising around in a Pontoon rental, wading through Crab Island? There's nothing better than ending the day a little sunburnt, with salty hair and a heart full of joy!

You get the idea; we all love a beach day. But did you know that a day of soaking in saltwater actually has a host of benefits for you? That's right, as you are wading around, hoping to glimpse the perfect sea shell, your body is utilizing every minute in the salty waters. Check out these 5 benefits of saltwater!

1) Reduced Acne Inflammation

Have you ever noticed that after an afternoon of splashing around in the surf, your skin seems to have a certain glow and appear clearer than before? While the glow is undoubtedly related to being sun-kissed, sea water is actually considered to have anti-bacterial

properties, perfect acne-prone skin. Salt water also contains magnesium, commonly known for improving skin appearance and reducing acne!

2) Reduced Cortisol Levels

Remember that magnesium we just learned about? Well, it doesn't just improve your skin. Magnesium soaks in through your skin and contributes to lowering your body's cortisol levels. Cortisol levels are an entire topic of their own, but to give you a brief description, high cortisol levels lead to inflammation and a lowered immune system.

3) Arthritis and Muscle Pain Relief

For anyone suffering from arthritic pains, rheumatism, or back and joint issues, a nice soak in the ocean could have you feeling just that much more spry. That's because of magnesium (again!) in the water. Magnesium causes the afflicted muscles to relax, providing a much welcomed relief. While the results are temporary, the ocean is not; go back for another dip.

4) Improved Mental State

Who doesn't feel refreshed after a trip to the beach? While we often attribute it to being in a state of mental and physical relaxation and leaving the "rat race" behind for a few days, some of the mental improvement can be linked to sea water. Iodine found in sea water is shown to improve mental abilities, bringing with it clarity and feeling more at peace with the world.

5) Improved Respiratory Functions

This last benefit isn't from being directly in the water, but derives from salt that is suspended in sea air from the ocean. The important thing about this salt is that is in a state where it can be inhaled, traveling to your lungs and healing your airways, bronchi, and lungs as it goes!

While individuals may experience differing levels of benefits from saltwater, the overall benefits outweigh any negative that could possibly arise. You deserve to feel healthy and whole, mentally and physically. So my recommendation? Book a trip to the beach, but don't just sit in the sand. Enjoy the ocean and all the benefits it has for you.

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